Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Valentina & Ryan get their photos married: Showing together for the first time at the Orange Door Studios Open House

Listening to great stories. Photo by Valentina Vitols. Mexico 2009

Holding the Pulque. Photo by Ryan Bello. Mexico 2009

I am very excited to invite fellow Seattleites to come visit Ryan and I at my studio. Please join us in a wonderful afternoon of art at the Orange Door Studio Open House! The best part of this event is that we will be showing the work Ryan and I photographed in Mexico. This is my first show with my super talented husband, which has me jumping up and down.

Nothing can top sharing a passion with your significant other.

Dog. Photo by Ryan Bello. Mexico 2009

Bull horns. Photo by Valentina Vitols. Mexico 2009

Our show is called
Mírame, Tócame (Look at me, Touch me), and it's a collection of Portraits and Texture images we made while in Puebla and Mexico City a few weeks ago. We will also share our experiences at Esperanza Viva, the house for homeless children in Puebla we visited for four days. Along with Aver Schools, we taught a photography class to children between the ages of 7-15. Both Ryan and I were humbled by the experience, and are very grateful to all the people we got to meet and work with during the duration of our trip.

Tree. Photo by Ryan Bello. Mexico 2009

We'll have nibbles, music specially picked for the occasion, and a small portrait studio set for those who want to bring their cameras and play with studio light. We also want to let everybody know that this a kid-friendly event (in my studio).

Doors. Photo by Valentina Vitols. Mexico 2009

Some of our neighbors will have their studios open. We encourage you to visit them as well.

Participating artists:

Christopher Balder - Scott Fife - Laura Haddad & Tom Drugan - Martino Hoss - Gene Gentry McMahon- Jen T. Mills - Joseph Pentheroudakis - Sally Schuh - Ellen Sollod - Valentina Vitols

Date: Saturday, October 17th, 2009
Time: 13:00 to 16:00
Place: Orange Door Studios
Address: 1941 1st Ave S, Seattle WA 98109

Email: studio at valenvitols dot com

We will love seeing you there. Feel free to RSVP here.


Lauri Jordana said...

I'm so impressed with your work--both of you! Looks like a lovely travel experience and your talents really shine. I'm sorry to miss your Open House but am happy to help promote this event and every event. ;-)

Lauri Jordana said...
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Valentina Vitols said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Lauri! We appreciate your support very much.